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From Brushstrokes to Memories....
 Live painting is the newest wedding trend being seen throughout the country. It's a beautiful, unique way to capture a special moment on your big day. It provides a great entertainment to your guests as they watch a blank canvas evolve during the ceremony and reception. A live painting will make for the perfect memento to remember your wedding day for years to come.
Paintings are available in different size options and can include just the two of you or the bridal party and guests!

Contact me, for more info on hosting a live painting! 

The painting is completely done on-site of your wedding venue from start to finish. You and your guests will get to witness the entire painting process. By the end of the wedding, the painting will be given to the couple to take home that day! 


Deirdra Kelly was selected as featured vendor for The Big Fake Wedding for

New York City 2019

Already Married?

You can still get a painting of your special day! Paintings can be done in studio based off reference photos. 

Contact me for pricing and details!

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